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Want to Build a Tiny House of Your Own?

The Our Rich Journey Tiny House Design Concept Plans & Resources Book

Are you interested in owning a tiny home? We believe that tiny homes can become a wave of the future - allowing more people to live a minimalist lifestyle and to become homeowners and/or investors. We hope that our tiny house design concept plans and resources will encourage you to consider a tiny house for yourself, so that you can also see the benefits of owning a tiny home! The content in this tiny house design concept plans and resources are to support you on your journey of owning a tiny home by helping you to conceptualize how to build your dream tiny house! The plans and resources include floor plans and sectional drawings of our tiny house (which our tiny house builders relied upon to build our custom tiny home); concept drawings of the interior and exterior of our tiny home; a list of the products, materials, and furnishings that we included in our tiny home; resources to help you build your own tiny home in Portugal - including a list of different tiny house builders in Portugal, and a list of different hardware stores, lumber yards, and furniture stores in Portugal . . . and more! If you’re interested in owning your own tiny home (regardless of whether it’s in Portugal or anywhere else in the world!), why not start now . . . with owning a copy of our tiny house design concept plans and resources!


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