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Why It’s Okay That You Didn’t Begin Investing At An Earlier Age

Our girls started their own YouTube channel documenting their investing journey. In my very humble and unbiased opinion . . . it’s amazing! I love their creativity; I love their excitement about money; but, most importantly, I LOVE that they understand the concept of saving and investing at such a young age.

Do you sometimes imagine where you would be today if you knew about money and investing when you were ten years old?

Sunoa & Melea - Our little junior investors

When I was ten, I had no idea about investing. In fact, at that age, I didn’t even know what the stock market was. Don’t get me wrong - I was still very much interested in money. It’s just that my interest in money involved spending it - not investing it.

I’m positive that if I would have learned about investing when I was young, things could have looked a lot different for me. First, I would have become a multimillionaire a lot sooner - probably in my early twenties! Second, I could have retired a lot sooner. And third, my life would have been on such a different trajectory that I probably would have never met Amon and then, of course . . . Sunoa and Melea . . .

Whoa! That took a turn for the worst! How did that happen?!

Nevermind . . . there’s a lesson here: Do NOT beat yourself up if you think you should have started investing at an earlier age, but you didn’t. Because, the truth is: 1) you can’t change the past (so there’s no need to dwell on it); 2) even if you could change the past, it’s likely you would also have to give up the very things that are the most important to you now; and 3) you can always start investing today (and today is better than tomorrow).

I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. We might not understand the reason right away, but there is a reason. There’s a reason why you discovered FIRE; there’s a reason why you stumbled across our YouTube channel; there’s a reason why you’re reading this blog post right now. Sure, you could have reached FIRE earlier if you would have started investing sooner, but that’s okay that you didn’t. You know about FIRE now . . . and you’re learning to save more, to make more, and to invest.

And, you may not know this now . . . but you’re exactly where you're supposed to be. Here. Today. In the moment.

So, live in the moment; focus on what you can do today; and understand that it’s okay that you didn’t begin investing at an earlier age - because everything in your life has led you to where you are today.

And I bet, if you think about it, the “you” you are today . . . is pretty darn awesome!

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