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We Bought a House in Portugal!

After living here in Portugal for almost a year, we finally found our dream home . . . and we bought it! It’s in the Silver Coast, it’s a fifteen minute drive from the beach, and it’s perfect . . . well, almost perfect!

Amon and I love to build, design, and renovate. We flipped three homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and we loved the feeling of buying properties and transforming them into our vision. That’s exactly what we plan to do with our property here in Portugal.

Right now, the house is completely livable. In fact, we could skip all the renovations and the house would be just fine. BUT, we have a vision for the house and we want to transform the house into the vision we have for it. Don’t get me wrong: We’re not going to be breaking down walls or adding another level – nothing huge like that! Some of the renovations will be minor (like changing light fixtures, swapping out old hardware, painting walls, and installing new flooring so that the flooring throughout the house matches); some of the other renovations will be a bit bigger (like retiling the bathrooms, transforming the downstairs kitchen into a master bedroom, and constructing a wall and designing a living room in the downstairs area).

We’ve got a long list of renovations to do and we’ve actually started on some of them already. As I sit here writing this, Amon is upstairs painting the ceilings in all the rooms. It’s a pretty tedious job . . . which is why I decided to sit down and write this blog post at this very minute! And the longer I write, the more I get out of painting those darn ceilings. Anyone care for me to recite/write the Gettysburg Address . . . right here . . . right now? Would that be copyright infringement? I’m guessing any copyright on that should have expired by now. Perhaps I should go look it up! Thorough research and due diligence is key to any good blog article. Also, did I forget to mention that I hate to paint ceilings?

As I continue to find alternative jobs to painting, make sure you follow us on Instagram. We’ll be posting a lot of photos and videos on our renovation. You’ll likely see Amon in a lot of the photos, but just know that it’s probably because I’m researching something very significant . . . such as: 1) what is the origin of the English language; 2) how many U.S. presidents were over 5’8 tall; and 3) how many Pulitzer Prize winners names’ start with the letter “A”?

I kid! I kid! I’m off to paint the ceiling right now!!!

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