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The 6 Relationships You’ll Need To Achieve FIRE

When talking about financial independence, there is one important component that is often overlooked: relationships.

Whether you like it or not, the relationships in your life will have an enormous impact on your journey to financial independence and retire early (FIRE). When you choose the people you surround yourself with, you could be making or breaking your future financial success, so it’s important to know who is worth keeping around.

These are the six types of relationships that will help you on your FIRE journey and are bound to improve your life in general.

1. The Critical Thinker

This is the person who is going to help you solve problems and come up with new and helpful ideas. The critical thinker is such an important fixture in your life because when a person is facing significant life obstacles they can usually only look at things through the narrow lens of their own perspective.

Having a critical thinker in your life means you have someone who can look at your problem through the lens of a more critical outsider, and they can help you see things from a different perspective as well as help you talk through those issues and find new resolutions.

In most cases, a relationship with a critical thinker will usually involve divulging many of your secrets and insecurities. So when building these relationships, make sure the critical thinker is someone you trust to know your secrets without making judgments about you.

Having a fresh pair of eyes will help you to reconsider your decisions, and eventually make better choices and fewer mistakes on your journey. The critical thinker will be an exceptional and invaluable relationship in your life, and will hopefully help you to build a better future for yourself.

2. The “Level-Up” Friend

You might be wondering what a “level-up” friend is. Well, this is a person who does better than you do. This friend is someone who has the same resources, same capabilities, and same amount of time as you do, but they just do more.

Though this may sound demotivating, it should be the complete opposite. The level-up friend is someone who inspires you to be better, work smarter, and use your time and resources wisely.