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How To Make $100 A Day With These Side Hustles

For those of us seeking financial independence, it often isn’t enough to save, save, and save. There’s only so much of your salary you can put to the side! Instead, one of the main pillars of financial independence is making more money. And for those of us with full-time jobs, we often do this by picking up a side hustle.

I want to share six major side hustles you can use to start making money today. And that leaves you extra cash to put into a separate investing account, so you can mark your progress and watch your side hustle savings grow!

1. Hosting Themed Picnics

This idea actually came from our daughter, who wanted to have a themed food party with her friends. It was a great experience and gave us the idea for a new side hustle. This is a great option if you love hosting and organizing parties and get-togethers.

I really love this side hustle, because it’s so unique that it’s often something people don’t realize they want until they hear about it. It also allows you to exercise your creative flair, and you can even use your creativity to cater to clients. For example, if you can play an instrument and someone wants a music-themes picnic, you can perform during the picnic, and so on.

There are a lot of ways to get started. You can use Pinterest for picnic inspiration, seek out local parks to use as locations, and promote your service on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. There is a lot of money to be made in this side hustle if you do it right.

2. Doggy Daycare

If you’ve got the space at home, why not start a doggy daycare or dog park? You can create a dog-friendly experience in your own space and advertise it to dog owners in your area. This allows those dog owners to drop their pooch off at your home and pay to leave them for an entire day, where they can run around and play with fellow pups.

This is especially great for people living in cities, as dogs who live in small apartments often don’t get the chance to be outside unless their owner is with them. If you’ve got the extra space, this is a great way to capitalize on it.

Consider charging $10-20 per day in admission fees. With only five dogs you can make an easy $100 a day!

3. Rent Out Your Pool or Spa

Yep, you read that right. You may not have a huge backyard for the neighborhood doggos, but what about a pool or spa? If so, you can rent it out on Swimply. Swimply is the pool equivalent of Airbnb, and it connects pool or spa owners to people who may want to rent it out for a few hours at a time.

Just sign up, add some photos and a detailed description (including size, extra amenities, rules, and requirements), and list your pool! If you get a renter, the site takes just 15% commission per renter. Why not take advantage of the pool or hot tub that you barely use?

4. Become a Medical Detective

You’re probably wondering “what the hell is a medical detective?” Well, let me explain. There are a lot of people out there with medical issues that have not been resolved via the traditional route, through doctors or hospitals.

That’s where comes in. This website is a medical crowdsourcing platform, where people can post about their medical problems and other members have the opportunity to “solve” them. You don’t have to be a healthcare professional either - many of the people on this website are just interested in healthcare and want to help!

I know this might sound a bit scary. After all, who wants to post sensitive personal information to a bunch of strangers online? Well, it’s a fully anonymous website, so that helps a lot. People post about their current issue, their past medical history, and their family medical history. Then someone like you can sign up, make a profile, and tries to help these people.

Now for the meat of the issue. What’s the pay? Well, each problem has a different dollar amount assigned by the poster and declared upfront on their post. They will then divvy out that money to whoever helped to provide info about their condition, whether it’s one person or five.

Personally, I love this because it’s more intellectual than your typical side hustle, and it involves a lot of research and learning. Not to mention, the people who post on this site know that many of the “detectives” on the site aren’t necessarily medical professionals, so you don’t have that added pressure.

5. Charging Electric Scooters

You’ve probably heard of electric scooter companies like Lime and Bird. They rent out scooters to people for a price per minute, to help them navigate towns and cities without using public transport or taxi.

What you might not know is that some of these companies pay people to collect their scooters at night and charge them. And these people earn anywhere between $5 and $20 per scooter. The $5 scooters are easy to find and charge, and if you find 5 or 6 scooters that’s $25-30 per night! And since you only have to pick them up, take them home, and then return them to the streets the next day, it only takes around 1 hour to pick up and return all of them.

Let’s use Bird as an example. Just sign up, download the app, fill in some personal info, tax info, and payment info, and you’re ready to go! You do have to be 18+ and have a car, but once you’re signed up you’ll be able to find scooters that need to be picked up and charged.

6. Selling Music

This last side hustle is for any DJs and musicians who make music in their spare time. If you’re making beats and not using them for anything, you can sell them! There’s a big market for selling music, but we’re going to focus on one particular website: More than 600,000 users in over 100 hundred countries have earned more than $37,000,000 on this site! But how?

Once you’ve signed up you can upload a music catalog along with licensing and pricing terms, including how you want to get paid. There are different membership tiers and pricing depending on how many tracks you want to upload.

And even if you aren’t a musician, you can still upload to the site. Get creative, record some of the sounds around you (traffic noise, cafe babble, your own snoring, etc), and get paid!

Hopefully, these side hustle ideas give you some new inspiration, if not a whole new idea you’re going to start working on. But even if you don’t try any of these side hustles yourself, they are still a good starting point for thinking of creative new ideas that might work for you.


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