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Welcome to Sunoa and Melea’s
Postcards from Portugal

Sharing Our Journey Through Beautifully Handwritten Postcards


Sharing Our Journey Through Beautifully Handwritten Postcards

Hello, friends and followers! We are Sunoa and Melea, two sisters from the U.S. who moved to the enchanting land of Portugal. You’ve followed our journey since we were little kids, and now, as teens, we want to share more of our adventure with you in a unique and personal way.

Our Postcards

Each postcard we offer is a snapshot of our adventures. We personally pick up these postcards from the interesting places we visit in Portugal. Whether it’s a breathtaking view from a cliffside, a quaint street in a picturesque village, or a historic monument, each postcard captures a moment of our journey.

How It Works:

Step 01

Choose the postcard option, and we’ll select a unique design for you. The surprise is part of the fun—you won’t know which beautiful postcard you’ll receive until it arrives!

Step 02

We will personally handwrite your message on the postcard, making it a heartfelt and unique keepsake.

Step 03

Then, we'll send your postcard from Portugal to anywhere in the world. Delivery times may vary, but we ensure it’s worth the wait!

About Us

Two Sisters!

As kids, Melea and I (Sunoa) would head off to summer camp every year. With no phones to keep us connected, we relied on postcards to stay in touch with our parents. It was always such a joy to receive their letters and to share our camp adventures with them through handwritten notes. We would eagerly wait for the mail, excited to see their familiar handwriting and to tell them all about our latest escapades.

Now, we’ve spent years exploring the stunning landscapes, historic landmarks, and charming towns of Portugal. From the vibrant streets of Lisbon to the serene beaches of Algarve, every corner of Portugal has a story to tell. And we want to bring a piece of these stories to you through our handwritten postcards, just like we did back in those summer camp days.

Explore the Collection

Check out our handwritten postcards from Portugal! We offer a variety of beautiful postcards featuring iconic landmarks, picturesque landscapes, and charming cultural scenes. Each one captures the essence of Portuguese beauty and heritage that Melea and I (Sunoa) have come to know and love.

Photos from Our Adventures:

A gallery of photos from our travels in Portugal, each of which inspired our postcards

need help w this and w the shop so that it just shows postcard and slideshow w bunch of pics of postcards and stuff

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