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Welcome to the Our Rich Journey Podcast!

Want us to answer your money question? 

Do you have a money question you want us to answer on our podcast? Maybe you have a specific question about retiring early, or about a specific way to invest . . . or maybe you want our thoughts on your side hustle idea . . . or your budget? Whatever money question you have, send it our way! Simply leave a voicemail message for us with your question (up to 90 seconds). Feel free to leave your name in the message (or don’t include it if you want to be anonymous). If your question is selected for our podcast, we’ll play your message recording and respond to your question on our podcast so that everyone can learn a little bit more about managing their money! 

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Latest Podcast Episode

Introducing the new Our Rich Journey Podcast!

Introducing the Our Rich Journey Podcast! A question and answer based podcast, the Our Rich Journey Podcast takes a couple (Amon & Christina) who retired before the age of 40 and has them answer all of your early retirement, investing money, saving money, and making money questions. With over 600,000 followers on their Youtube channel, Amon & Christina are changing the way you think about money!

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